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Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Tan Dun conductor




Tan Dun Water Concerto for Water Percussion
Tan Dun Paper Concerto for Paper Percussion
Tan Dun Earth Concerto for Ceramic Instruments



About this performance

MSO Artistic Ambassador Tan Dun presents a unique performance of three concertos exploring his early memories.

“Growing up in rural China, I received my early musical training in such an organic way, mounting paper for instruments, singing a song in the village to the accompaniment of water, using ceramics to bang out the beat. I was surrounded by ritual music and ghost opera, not Bach, not Beethoven, not Brahms. These early memories have become so important as inspirations.”

— Tan Dun


MSO 艺术大使谭盾呈献三首有机音乐协奏曲,探索他早年的记忆。

“有机音乐,是人跟大自然的一种吟诵,一种灵魂的沟通,一种对大自然人性的理解。在中国农村长大的我,早期音乐训练就这样有机地进行,裱纸乐器,在村里随着水的伴奏唱一首歌,用陶瓷敲出打击乐的声音。 我被礼乐和鬼歌包围着,不是巴赫,不是贝多芬,不是勃拉姆斯。 这些早期的记忆已经变得像灵感一样重要。”— 谭盾

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